6 Apr

I cannot see the pain in her eyes

I cannot see her tears

I cannot see her suffer

Why must my mother suffer?

Why must my parents suffer?

Why must my parent’s suffer so much?

I fight my usual grit

But why must my mother suffer?

I am back to being vulnerable

I cannot see my mother suffer.


That’s all my friends! My biggest suffering has been to see my parent’s suffer. I trust science more than existence. I trust the physician. But why does God make you suffer ?

I must gather all my consciousness and become aware. I realised need more situational awareness. Its suffering’s gift to you.Science is still a question and answer session. If you dont get the symptom. You dont get the cure.   Every time spend time in hospitals – ” I get what’s most important : health and caring people..”

Iam honest with my struggles and my blog is a personal journey. I do not want to describe the medical condition. I just cannot see any one suffer. I do not want to see my mother suffer.

Please dont judge . I think life is random events hitting at you…good and bad…

Sad, Suresh




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