My friend..

26 Mar

“Nobody likes being alone that much. I don’t go out of my way to make friends, that’s all. It just leads to disappointment. ”

―  Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood 

I had written few days earlier want to go back to relationships. The universe seemed to reciprocate almost instantaneously and he called. I was happy to hear from a friend whom last met few years ago. Anil my friend works with government and we were friends twenty three years ago. He was was my first friend in University. A reader with fine sense of logic and knowledge. He was meant for more. I went to meet my friend in a government guest house. Although we had met few years ago in a function , this is the first real conversation had since 1995. I asked about family and children. We got into a conversation about his daughters interest in robotics and was pleasantly surprised about the child’s depth of interest. She already had made a working prototype of drone and won few international competitions. Amazon listening? I listened and watched as my friend showed me videos of the child and drone on the phone. I was deeply fascinated. I Congratulated my friend on the child’s achievements and wonderful upbringing my friend has given his children. He asked about me? Me have no family of own mumbled sheepishly..


My friend is a officer and a gentlemen. True to his nature he was reading ” Blood Oil” by Leif Wenar. He picked it from airport he told me. I could only smile and remembered my past. We spoke about his experiences in the government. I was very happy to speak to my friend. I realised how much life has changed and how different the path has been, for me too once upon a time like my friend was on a journey..


I had gone to office on Good friday , when my friend called and we had a very pleasant fascinating conversation about children, robotics, oil economy and music. Sometimes the sweetest songs come from metal groups,  so love for children can come from single people like me 🙂

I visit hospital on weekends. I wonder when I get old or sick who will come with me or look after me…

I think children and family are a blessing. Will I get there, let us hope so..

This for my friend Anil!  The Universe does listen then  and thoughts create destiny….

Love, Suresh


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