Johan Cruyff

25 Mar

“Every disadvantage has its advantage. ”

― Johan Cruyff

I want to share a early memory. I grew up in a government estate in the eighties. There was no television. I was  twelve years old. There was a amphitheatre. My father’s friend was a football refree. He would enthusiastically organize and screen documentaries and short films on sports and olympics. It was one such screening discovered the magic of football on a large screen. I saw them all in a sixty or ninety minutes film. I saw Pele, George Best,  Franz  Beckenbauer and Johan Cruyff. I was mesmerised.

I thought Johan Cruyff was the very best for his run, turn and elegant scoring of goals. It looked intelligent. It looked  beautiful and easy. He made it look easy.  When grew up only then realised the full greatness of man – Player, Coach, Manager. A great man. The man who made a sport beautiful. This is my humble tribute to one of the greatest soccer personalities. Johan Cruyff.


The great star in his youth.

Johan Cruyff

The full measure of Johan Cruyff.


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“In a way, I’m probably immortal.” He said. He is. Like every great person who walked this earth he enriched the world with his craft, magic and contribution. His stage was Football.I will remember the child like awe the brilliant man with orange jersey and that fantastic run…

Johan Cruyff gave me and millions happiness. A great man. A big loss to Football.

My little tribute to the very great Johan Cruyff. I will remember Forever.

This for today dear friends.

Love, Suresh


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