23 Mar

We wake up with daily horror of yet another attack whether it is Mali, Turkey and now Brussels. It’s so painful and tragic that it’s not even dignified to do a analysis. The world’s best counter terrorism experts, agencies, governments, multilateral agencies and others must get together to fight this menace. I know ideology is the problem. That’s why it’s so difficult to tackle. There must be a way. I had seen a Al Jazeera report on efforts to stop radicalization in French Jails. By limiting contact of the radicalised ones with other inmates. It’s that serious a problem. It’s not even open society. I wonder what makes one so radicalised and take lives. I remember earlier having seen a documentary of failed suicide attacks done by a psychologist. It’s so difficult and complex to fathom motivation. Psychologists may study. I fail to understand. Which religion and preacher teaches this..

I am sorry at loss of lives and suffering unleashed. We can debate about multiculturalism and pluralism and a creating a inclusive society. I think the problem is ideology. The answer may be better intelligence for now.

I just hope this comes to an end. Iam saddened. I hope there is an order in the world and justice..

Sad, Suresh


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