Every day Zen

20 Mar

Whatsoever you do, Be total

― Osho

I have been trying to deepen the experience with present. I try to be total. In the mundane, laborious and stressful. The mind is never settled. It needs a direction or purpose. It’s like a thousand horses galloping from the sublime to stupid. It has mostly meaningless conversatons. I am trying to be total. When brush teeth, brush teeth, when read a book, read a book, when think of some one, think only of someone. When go for buying vegetables, buy only vegetables. I often combine two things : walk and buying vegetables. My mother told me the neighbour get’s everything online from vegetables to Television. India is changing. I want to be present.  I just came back from a walk and buying vegetables, it does two things  settles my mind and gives me a new thought to experiment with for the day. I recommend walking if you have the time and staying active. Some pictures today..011

That is me with my new vegetable bag. I walk the main around and see the European manufacturing companies and remind myself my calling is management. I will reach there one day.


I ask the smartly dressed security guard to take pictures. Iam no narcisst.  I try to take pictures for blog and sometimes for social  media to capture the moment.

I like the simple and voluptuous life. My master has taught me ” I find the simple life voluptuous.” ( Leonard Cohen)

One of my great desire is to lead a simple life. The other is to be succesful. There is one more to lead a passionate life. It’s three sets. I compartmentalised it : early mornings for simple life, then work hard at work which is whole day, late evening and night for pursuing passion. At least think so.

It dosent always hold together. I end up weekend in hospitals with my mother. I get exhausted. I will write more.

Tomorrow turn a year older.  You can wish me 🙂

Have a easy sunday!

Love, Suresh




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