Quote 16 Mar

“Every body is born with everything they need to live. And the more you live the more capable you become of life. That is the reward. The less you live, the less capable you are. That is the punishment.

The wholeness you have to seek is within you. You have to watch your life moment to moment and drop all that seems to be momentary, fragmentary. It may be very exciting but futile in the end. Drop it! Look deep into those moments that may not be so exciting. The eternal cannot be very exciting, because that which has to be forever and ever has to be silent, peaceful. Blissful, of course, but not exciting. Deeply blissful, but with no noise around it. More like silence than sound. You will have to grow in awareness so you can sort it out.”

― Osho

I think awareness is key. I think thoughts create destiny.  Think about this dear friends!

Have a good day!

Love, Suresh



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