A debate ( India)

26 Feb

I have opted out of all debates.

I was not like that. My first job recommendation was given by a Kind  Professor and among other things had written ” He enthusiastically participates in debates…”. I was twenty two. Now twenty two years later have lost interest in all debates. I want to do something with life. I do not wish to make statements. It would be unfair to my experience of life.

I read commentaries and articles. There is a sedition debate going on in my country. I think it’s a stupid law and the government action on students is simply overreach and  strong arm of the law. It is government’s inexperience and as for student’s they will grow up and learn..

The student’s will learn freedom of speech comes with reasonable restrictions and government will learn nationalism is not like Mark Zuckerberg T shirts or Albert Einstein‘s Suits…

But who am I to judge ?

I did feel sad when a Ph.d student committed suicide for simply lack of inclusion and the note published in newspapers was poignant…

I was sad. I am uninterested in the lady minister’s speeches….a life has been lost..

No ideology is worth losing a life really is my submission…the young must know this…

Here are two experienced voices and commentators from India on the sedition debate..

Dear Psuedo patriots and pop nationalists, please stop your whataboutery – Mrinal Pande ( Scroll.in)

Please see: http://scroll.in/article/803706/dear-pseudo-patriots-and-pop-nationalists-please-stop-your-whataboutery

A letter to PM Modi from ” Anti – National Sickular Presstitute” Barkha Dutt – Barkha Dutt ( NDTV)

Please see : http://www.ndtv.com/opinion/a-letter-to-pm-modi-from-anti-national-sickular-presstitute-barkha-dutt-1279441

My humble request to students: Things change and you will grow up…

My humble plea to Prime minister : You have so much promise and let’s deliver the promise..

I opt out of debates..

This for today. Hope you have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh


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