Good reads (past week..)

23 Feb

My apologies for being away, my problem is ” monotasking”, can do only one task at a time 🙂

Here’s some of the really nice articles read last few days..

Reporting on Life, Death and Corruption in Southeast Asia – Thomas Fuller ( The Newyork times)

This is a great and moving article about travails of life and reporting in Southeast Asia. One of the best journalistic pieces read in recent times and my friend had shared this on social media. I love journalism and think it has great possibilities.Thomas Fuller in this brilliant piece writes about life in south east asia ” I have covered life and death in Southeast Asia for the past decade, a job that has entailed puzzling over a missing Malaysian plane one day (two years later, it’s still missing) and interviewing former C.I.A. mercenaries who were being hunted by the government in the jungles of Laos another. I seemed to spend almost as much time dodging the authorities as interviewing them.” This is a must read.

Please read this :

What BuzzFeed’s Dao Nguyen knows about Data, Intuition, And the future of Media- Noah Robischon ( Fast Company)

I love Digital media for its sheer democratization and  reach. The space excites me. This is my passion. Much as like my job, my love with digital media continues and as always possibilities are immense. I love this interview. Dao Nguyen in this delightful interview says “One of the things I learned at Le Monde I think is still true today is news consumption is different from consuming other products. It’s not like one day someone will just wake up and go, “Today, I want to be informed,” like the way of: “I want to have chocolate chip ice cream”, they wake up, “I want to wake up and have ice cream today,” so they go out and buy ice cream. News isn’t like that. Nobody just wakes up and goes: “I want to be informed. I’ve never been informed before, I was informed in the past, I was informed a bunch a couple of years ago, it was pretty cool, maybe I’ll be informed again. I’m going to go out and purchase something or do something to inform myself.No. It’s a habit. It’s a person’s identity.”

Read this if you like digital media and it’s about content, data science and creativity. I think should also start writing ” 25 steps to make suresh happy or 22 thoughts to think at night..” Never mind. BuzzFeed is 100 million $ and going strong. I loved this interview.

Please read :

Afghanistan’s Romeo and Juliet, defying religion and culture for love – Mick Krever ( CNN)

At first thought this is a journalist’s imagination. I read it in Christiane Amanpour‘ facebook page. But this is a beautiful real story. It happens all the time and should happen all the time. Not all love is rewarded. But love is the most beautiful thing in this world.  My personal take is just be loving and give..

” Zakia and Ali knew theirs was a forbidden love.She was Sunni and ethnically Tajik; he was Shiite and ethnically Hazara — the Montagues and Capulets.

“From forth the fatal loins of these two foes

“A pair of star-cross’d lovers take their life”

So begins, with gloomy prophecy, one of the most famous stories in English literature. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet would take their own lives out of despair.Rod Nordland, a journalist who found Afghanistan’s Romeo and Juliet, says that in that country, the despair all too often comes to an end in a so-called honor killing.” Writes Mick Krever.

So think about this ” someone loves someone, she should have that bravery to do whatever has to be done,” Zakia told Nordland.

Please read this:

This for today and thank you as always for stopping by and being patient with my humble struggles, my love for every one who comes this way..

Have a smiling day dear friends!

Love, Suresh


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