5 Feb

This is a laboured post. I picked up an infection and will be okay soon. What do I do when unwell..?

Comedy Videos : I watch comedy videos if can sit straight for some time. I picked this up from my mother, my mother would watch comedy serials in my mother tongue, it helped her believe to cope with her condition. She is active and watches mindless comedy. I think it’s good. I recommend it to everyone.

Let Go : Iam horribly child like especially with memory of people whom love, when sick, try to let go. I slept for sometime.

Leonard Cohen: Listen to interviews ( NRK-3 part )  of Leonard Cohen. The only person who inspires me and heals my tattered soul. When was young was inspired by Richard Feynman.

Mother & Brother : My mother calls me and advises me on Food. My mother could have been a doctor she is quite accurate with diagnosis or may be she knows me too well. Brother cooks and cares for me. Whe he goes cycling, we fight.

Teacher : I remember my teacher becuase my teacher will never say a bad thing about me.

Actually for all my problems, am a little happy spirit, so will be fine soon 🙂

Have a good day!

Love, Suresh




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