My brother’s birthday..

31 Jan

“Gently eliminating all obstacles to his own understanding, he constantly maintains his unconditional sincerity. His humility, perseverance, and adaptability evoke the response of the universe and fill him with divine light.”
― Lao Tzu

My brother is one of my heroes.  January 30th is his birth day. He wore new clothes, which he himself bought few days ago, green belt and sports shoes. We went to our sister’s place. He looked handsome in his maroon shirt and dark codra trousers. He had smiled at himself. Of course he does not believe. We bought a cake on the way. At night we planned a get together at sisters place. My mother was already there. We had ordered food, my sister checked one of this food apps and it was delivered in an hours time. The consumer internet business is amazing and technology is  such a boon. We spent most of the time playing with sister’s child. For all of technology’s utility happiness, love and joy is a human experience. Baby is the purest soul on the planet. We play, she plays and we have our birthday celebration. Then we talk.

My brother is happy and he rarely talks. Me and brother talk at night. We have never talked for this while in a long time. Every body sleeps. I listen to him. It’s about his journey and his awareness of self. I reassure him what the doctor told me long ago ” Your brother is remarkable. You must go now and help him find an activity.” He asks me like a child ” Is it so?” I reassure him. He trusts me as we have taken a long journey together. I remind him what my doctor friend told me ” There is not much cure for anything in medical sciences, only diseases are well managed.” I give examples likes Diabetes. I talk about small pox which was eradicated. We talk about other virus. Zika. He asks should we visit the doctor again and it’s been a while. I said of course and tell him to write an email. I had heard the great Indian actor from my state, Mammootty, say ” After God . It is doctor who is most important”. I agree.

What have learnt from my brother? His wonderful acceptance and determination to lead a balanced life. He never complains. Long ago , a poet- painter roomate, a beautiful gentleman had coaxed me ” Your brother is fine and pragmatic. He understands himself and will adapt well.”  The wonderful person who introduced us both to Cat Stevens and was once a accomplished painter poet and studied in Paris and New York. His words always chosen beautifully gave me hope. My brother told me ” It was nice to spend time with Sen.” He told me more about him. His family. I miss him. I met lot of loving and talented people on the other side…

Yes my brother is the same boy who once had a perfect score in Math when he was fifteen. Then we had to take this long hard  different and sometimes beautiful journey called life. I have been devoted to him. He is a nice person. Better person than me. He needs reassurance. Iam always there. My mother and sister is always there. So we are a well knit family. I couldn’t make many friends. My two friends are my life long friends and they are married and live in different cities. When was young, had lot of friends, but then chose to focus on my brother. It’s a good decision.

I must learn from my brother to face up to sometimes life’s indignities, which we face in work situations (Type A BS) ,me do not suffer fools gladly. I must for the sake of a career or “career capital” ( from a kid who has written a book  –  Cal Newport). I must learn not to complain or react as sometimes do. I must learn from my brother.

I have lot to learn from my brother. The world does not understand life skills are very different from career skills, it takes a different journey to appreciate same….

I also learnt from my own reflection ” Whatever you focus on, you do better and get results  “. I focussed on family. I am happy.

Some focus on career, some on them selves, some on a passion, some for nation….

I wish we could focus equally on family, work, passion, nation….may be the deeds of concentration is such that only one is possible….may be am wrong…my master had taught me ” Monotasking not multitasking”..

Never mind this about my dear brother Satish. As the zen master says ” his humility, perseverance, and adaptability..” inspires me.

Hope you have a lovely day dear friends!

Love, Suresh

PS : I posted my brothers picture in a family trip post. He does not like to be clicked often though..



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