Family Trip

26 Jan

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”
― Anita Desai

This year had made one of my goals to travel domestically and if possible one destination internationally. My young cousin who studies in America  came visiting and told me to use weekends to travel outside the city. He seemed to read my mind.  May be it is intentions one has in mind finding a synchronistic response. I immensely enjoy little time spent with him and it’s a peep into a world of refreshing bright young generation. I love young people. My brother in law and sister invited me for a family trip into the coastal belt for a visit to a beach and temple. 350 km  road trip one way. A drive of seven to eight hours one way. Now am sure that pure and honest intentions do come true. You don’t know how. But the universe responds. Some pictures of my first trip this year.


That’s my sister Jaya, playing with her child Ruve, Sarika sister in law looks on happily…

Nothing makes me more happy than seeing my sister happy, now baby child, is double happiness..


We had hired a cottage, baby Ruve and my sister’s father in law after rest from travel..


My mother in her room, am grateful she is happy and though she does give me scares with health issues, am very grateful that she is happy and could endure trip well..


My brother Satish, his happiness means a lot to me, he is always active and sincere in everything he does, where ever go, take him along with me… he did go on a trip with his school friends in recent past..


My generous and large hearted brother in law Amol with his child, am happy for my sister and brother in law, their happiness is important to me…

My hero once said ” Ek bar meine commitment kar de, toh mein khud ki bhi nahin sunta ” ( Once make a commitment, do not even listen to myself). Iam  like my hero then, only difference is my hero is good looking, super star and king, may be am little more well read 🙂


This me. I have two thoughts ” All my life knew what wanted. I went for it. I was never sure. This time am sure.” Make sense..

Like my other great hero said ” Hum shareef kya hue….Puri duniya hi badmaash ho gayi.” (I was made innocent, the whole world has gone dishonest..” I am like my other great hero then, the only differentiator is my hero is good looking, super intelligent and has whole world at his feet, may be am little more humble 🙂


I capture the stillness of water, Arabian sea…

My friend had told me long ago ” The sea has all the answers.” I agree, next stop Goa..


I enjoyed the drive, so much of the country is uninhabited, me would like to live there, am used to be alone and can drive, bike and write…


My sister and her child, reason for our happiness…


Sister in law, sister, baby and me.. taking a break on our way to our destination…see the child, haan…


My sister takes my picture on our return journey, am satisfied person, for all that has been said about me…


We halted  at this resturant ” Kasturi” on our return journey for food, ate my favorite Biryani, chicken biryani, food was brilliant 🙂

Sister, me, my sisters mother in law and sister in law…


That’s me clicked by my brother, at night on the beach…

We visited Ganpatipule. If you ever visit these parts, do consider a simple, peaceful holiday and a road trip. You can book a cottage house for your stay. Please check :

I owe this holiday to my brother in law and sister. They planned everything.  Hope you like this little pictorial family trip tribute.

Remember then what my hero said ” Sari duniya pyar mein padi hui hai … sirf ek mujhe hi haq nahi hai? ” ( The whole world seems to be in love, only me seem to have no right? ” 🙂

May be can say this for certain ” Pure honest intentions come true”. Do travel.

Happy Republic Day! May we become a truer republic where wisdom and reason can go together, girl child can shine brightly and live with dignity…

The number of school girls taking their lives breaks my heart, hope the prime minister is listening, having seen news stories of three girl students…

Love, Suresh




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