17 Jan

Remember to

These are great things to remember. My friend shared this list. I think it is wonderful . The only exception is me ” can never gate crash a party and make it last forever”. I am too shy and quiet for that 🙂

Today while biking ( cycling) and reflecting in a two hour ride and passing by school and college that went to realised ” People who have a sense of purpose or find  a sense of purpose are the people who excel.”  At all ages we must have goals. Children must  be encouraged to have and go for their goals all the time. Lesson from my life.

I think we should live fully and try to be happy. It’s important to have a goal and have fun.

This for today, please remember the list and tell me ” which came first, the chicken or the egg” . I think Donald Trump.

Have a good dear friends!

Love, Suresh




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