Mr. Uncle and miss niece

9 Jan


Iam an Uncle. This is the first child in my family. I have never held a baby.  Today is the first day held the baby and went for a walk. I play with small children  all the time in my locality. They give me a High five whenever see them. I never had one in my family.  A big step for my family. My sister’s child – Ruve.  All of us are happy and look forward to meeting and playing with little child. I have seen pretty girls. This is the prettiest and most animated fun 🙂

My friend had told me ” Baby brings happiness in family.” I am very grateful for that. So Mr. Uncle and Miss niece will have a good time going forward. That is a good reward for all the struggles..

Goodnight friends! Love from the Uncle and niece..and she says ” ba baa baa…”




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