Marriage woes

21 Nov

When she was looking,
I wasn’t sure
When I was looking
She may be not so sure
Our friends:
Sun, moon, stars
Were not sure
So that’s a genuine proposal..

I drop to say hello at work
He cracks a silly joke about marriage
I smile blankly and do not participate
He looks like a priest but is a thief
Not to be undone asks me about family
Mom, brother and sister I reply
He looks at me : as if seen
something on my forehead
Yes am not married I reply
It’s a fact I reiterate and walk away
He has some fodder to say..

I had fallen from the stairs
My mother insisted me walk the bridge
The eunuch gleefully wishes me ” Hi..”
This time he is riding a pillion on idiot
Last time had come near and called ” chikna”
I want to shout at him
The rascal is gone..

I go to temple
I need some peace
The silent priest ties a thread on my wrist
The other priest does not stop smiling
He wants to talk and asks me ” do you have a partner
do you like some one, are you married”
I though ask him ” What made him ask me”
He say’s ” I am a priest and
Moreover like your nature”
He gives me a marriage proposal
I walk away thanking
I cannot accept this
The handsome priest :
asks me to come again
I go for a walk and peace
May be will go again..
The spectre of marriage never leaves
Every one want’s to know, every where…

My manager had told me :
“Suresh get married and think
you could be giving life to a girl
How good you could be to her
You are not the kind
who will spend time in a strip bar
You are not wired that way”
My boss at his persuasive best and knows me well
He is in NY so may be a strip bar there
Here the rascal eunuch is only visible ..
Never mind promised that will marry..

Many more…

So I feel sad
I do not wish to be vulnerable
I had developed a hide to camouflage pain
I guess past haunt’s and ” Why” never leaves
I like what i like
I love what i love
May be it will come together
May be…

I hope as they here ” Are you settled”
I wondered what ” settled in a chair, bed, cot, terry cot…
But the priest had asked me ” Are you a saint, no right…”
Yes he is right..
Iam no jerk, no saint, I do wish to shout:
What I learned from my favorite actor’s book ( Nasseruddin Shah)
” Please let me be in Piss ( peace)”

I hope find a answer..
Till then marriage woes continues

My confused state of affairs here and hope you have a good day dear friends šŸ™‚

Love, Suresh


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