14 Nov

I woke up today morning feeling groggy. I was carrying my  sad bent of mind in sleep and it is true next day you end up feeling weak. I woke up to a even bigger horror. I was stunned to read about Paris attacks. My heart sank. I decided to go for a walk. It was 8 am and thought sun would save me. I was so feeling uneasy couldn’t continue for walk. I stopped at a joint and ate something. I went for my walk. I like Sun and always liked Sun. I briefly stopped outside the temple to offer prayers for victims. I not only felt horrible and helpless. I realised my problems are trivial.  I realised it’s perhaps time for the world to come together and pool our expertise and combat this menace. The American expertise, The European expertise , The Asian expertise and jointly help every nation facing this unprecedented crisis. I feel so sorry for France and innocent people who lost lives. It is beyond sad. I pray the world comes together and pool’s its expertise under one platform , may be UN or NATO or a new agency and really helps all beleaguered nations.

I may feel helpless and sound a idealist but am also determined. I hope and pray the world forms a determined force to combat this evil of terrorism.  I pray the world comes together for France. Today in pain we are all french.

In hope and prayer, Suresh


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