Broken thoughts..

13 Nov

Today am sad and it is a realisation that made me sad. It existed in reality. I have not heard from my friend for two years. Today is the first time felt sad. I generally try not to be sad about people whom  love no matter what. I work hard at motivation.  May be will be okay tomorrow. But for today broken. When am sad, am very sad. I am helpless.

I had a vision for my family. When was young realised it’s going to be different journey for me. I looked for a job for my brother first and then for me even then. I tried my very best. Part of that vision is fulfilled. Part is not. I must work toward’s it. My goal is to make my mother and brother happy.

My mother and brother have so much energy. So had to ask my brother to go on a trek and dropped my mother to a temple, then went to work, cannot handle their energy sometimes, they are irrepressible and childlike. This was yesterday..

I have a new sister. I will write about her some time. I have been lucky with sisters in family. I love them. One plus in my life..

As for love, have loved truly and  unconditionally, still alone, do not understand it..

Another thing will never understand, why do opportunist’s succeed and genuine suffer…

I worked hard to understand myself at subconscious state and realised have carried it too far, must let enquiry be…

I had  a insight if you want  money, you cannot have the mindset of a activist….

I had this obsession for great work, now should learn to accept what comes my way..

The recent state elections ( Bihar) was no surprise, exclusion never works. Cow has lost and fodder has won But Nitish is good..

The prime minister’s visits  stumps me, today in United kingdom, the government has not even been in power for a year and yet so many visits, thought you need a track record to showcase and where is the foreign minister.

Why is every one chasing Pep Guardiola ? What makes a  manager so successful and what happened to Mr. Mourinho..

As for Tipu sultan, have no interest, remember was delighted a actor called Pappu Polyester played a king in that serial. The non sensical have helped me survive..

Generous women also do not ask me out anymore…

I am sad today and tomorrow is a weekend. I will look forward to cycling ( biking), black tea, temples, gurudwara and reading…

May be that will change my mood. But will  miss my friend. My school friend where are you?

Goodnight friends!

Love, Suresh


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