Rafa and The belief

4 Nov

” I always believed. ”

― Rafael Nadal

It’s both heroic and painful to see a champion struggle. It’s been a difficult season for one of my heroes Rafael Nadal. Every time he graciously accepted defeat and resolved to get better. This from a 14 time grand slam champion and one of the greatest tennis champions. He kept repeating after every heart breaking loss that aim is to  improve level of play by end of season. He has turned things around and made two finals in Basel and Beijing.

Some Rafa quotes this season:

” The story now is different, no? I’m enjoying on the court. I don’t have the nerves I had during the season. Doesn’t matter if I lose, I win, but I’m enjoying on court, on practice court, so I’m going to be there.”

” I’m happy about the way that I’m practising.  It’s important for me not just to practise well, but compete well and last week I competed well again.”

“I’m working on things I believe can help in the future. And for the moment, myself and my team is happy with what we’re doing. We practiced three hours every day the last couple of months. Now we’re using our time a little bit differently. So it’s good to practise differently when you feel that you need to improve something.”

” I always believed that I was going to be in the top eight at the end of the season. I’m humble enough to say, ‘Okay, if I keep playing bad, I’ll probably be in trouble.’  But I had the feeling that I was going to play better. I believe my level is to be there in the top eight. So even if I’ve had tough moments this year, the year is long.”

Source : http://www.atpworldtour.com/en/news/rafa-i-always-believed


Here is what Novak Djokovic had to say..

“Rafa didn’t have a season up to his standards, but he’s finding a way to win and finding a way to get to finals. You’ve got to give him credit for that. It’s not easy when you’re not feeling that great on the court. He’s said that; everybody knows that. He has a lot of pressure because of the amount of tournaments he has won in his life and the records he has. Of course, he’s expected to reach the semis or finals of each event. He hasn’t done that too many times this year at the biggest events. Nevertheless, he’s still a great champion. He’s still somebody who is always the one to look out for. He’s always one of the biggest candidates to win any tournament on any surface. It doesn’t change much in my eyes.”

Indeed. Everytime Rafa has managed to come back from injury and win slams but this year it has become tougher yet the desire, industriousness and belief is as strong as ever even in a weak moment, the results are coming again, incrementally this time but surely and purposefully. One major title and the game would change. It humbles me even the greatest have to go through the same process to excellence. It’s almost super human and may be that’s why there are few champions. Otherwise everybody would be a champion.

The process is same : hard work, get better, look for positives, improve incrementally, never give up, believe and keep doing it every day, till it gets better, you feel better, then it all comes together…

I believe in Rafa. I believe Rafa will win slams.

As for me, I believe. I will get better. Like my hero.

Goodnight friends! Let’s all believe and be industrious like Rafa, may be something will rub on us. We all can get better.

Love, Suresh


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