The attendant and good man..

2 Nov

I went to this petrol pump ( gas station) after long time. I didn’t realise ” How long it’s been.” Till saw him. I waved at him excitedly. He left everything and came to shake hands with me. Ever kind. He asked me ” Do you want a cup of tea”. I said ” I will surely come again. I have drive far to work.” I again waved at him excitedly as left the station. He waved back with Joy. It’s been twenty years.

I remembered him and his kindness. When was young had a scooter. Many a times would run out of petrol and push this heavy scooter on the road towards petrol pump. He would always watch me with kind eyes from a distance.  He seemed to like me. May be it’s my struggle. May be it’s my happy embracement of struggle. I struggled happily. He would fill petrol and refuse to take money. He would offer me tea.  I was embarassed that he wouldn’t take money from me. May be he knew had not much money.. I stopped going there but never forgot his kindness and affection.

Life took us different ways. Twenty years down the line he is still a happy petrol pump attendant. I have since grown little bit..

This is to one of the kindest man have met in life. My petrol pump attendant friend. I was so happy to see him. His affection  same after twenty years. I think heartfelt connection always stays..

This for today. Goodnight friends! Shah Rukh Khan has turned fifty. Can you believe?

Love, Suresh


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