Me -16/10/2015

24 Oct


Iam my own subject. My post’s are my journey, a tiny speck in this infinite universe, baffled by existence and humbled by kindness of friends. I have known savagery of human but it is love and kindness which drives me, more pictures my friends..


For my friends who live far away and who are always in my heart. My friends always remind me to smile. And for those interested in my posts and my humble existence..


Many times am not in grace and suffer, infallibly fallible, equally capable of joy and happiness. I believe men and women are equals. My problem is a bout of mouth ulcers. If you know any wholistic cure please let me know..


I wish you love and kindness.  I hope we meet somewhere soon..

Today doing bike ( cycle) round in the city was wondering about the courage of people who go on world trips on a mere bike. I had  read about a Irishwoman’s Dervla Murphy’s bike trip from Ireland to India and she has written a book ” Full Tilt: Ireland to India With a Bicycle“. There are many such brave people. They inspire me.

This for today my friends! Yes hope we meet somewhere soon..

Have a nice weekend!

Love, Suresh


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