Mahatma Gandhi-Documentary

3 Oct

I saw this documentary today and as always Mahatma Gandhi inspires me, it’s the same feeling that first felt as a child thrity  two years ago, it’s the Christ like spirit of Gandhi, the superhuman courage and enormity of consequence. The documentary captures the evolution of a shy young man to one of the greatest people who ever lived.

So much of the world is in deep strife, Syria, Iraq, would Gandhi’s method’s of civil disobedience and non- violence work in this brutal times, don’t know, but am very sure a Gandhi like leader will move people with his spirit,consequence would follow. Arab spring was very promising but it had no unifying spirit like Gandhi.

Sometimes can’t make sense of my own trivial existence and it baffles me no end, have come to a conclusion: my problems, your problems and world’s problem’s is one of ” Hardened heart” as Leonard Cohen alluded in a discussion on Norwegian television.

As a professor say’s in this documentary ” When the heart is closed, No reason will work, Gandhi realised that…”

We must open our hearts little more every day. The mind will function all right. Hope you like this documentary as much as enjoyed sharing dear friends!

Goodnight friends! My hero Mahatma Gandhi!

Love, Suresh


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