Top Gun – Danger Zone

26 Sep

I had breakfast today with my friend and he brought his mom and brother along. My friend knows me well and he is been living in another country for more than 15 years. We meet once in a year or sometimes once in one and half  or two years. The little time we spend together is fun and happy. He is one of my heroes and he likes me for what have done for family. I realised as you grow older how little you get to spend time with people you love. Every thing get’s rarer and rarer. My friend’s mom told me you learn to value each little thing more as you go along. It’s very true. May be my life is to look after my mother and brother. One day I wish to go and meet my friend and his kids in America. My freind is a doctor.

My other friend is driving down tomorrow so this week have been lucky will be meeting two friends..

My friends live outside and we spend purposeful and quality time. We catch up and have something to say to each other. We don’t judge and try to be happy. We are doing the best we can. All of us are doing the best we can and we should all try to be happy.

I want my mom and brother healthy and well. I will do my work. In free time, there is music, books, motor bike ride, bike ( cycling)…

Till then hope you like one more brilliant song from the movie Top Gun, ” Danger Zone” by Kenny loggins. It’s such a great movie and great song..

My love with motion picture sound tracks continues..

Have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh


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