Mother and me..

23 Sep

I woke up with my mother feeling unwell. I had to go to hospital today. I am thankful to my company otherwise would not have been able to manage personal situations and work.  I meet my sister also at the hospital, she has come with her baby to meet paediatrician. I promise will meet her for lunch. Me and mother meet her consultant. She tells the doc he has not gone to work today because am unwell. I feel vulnerable and have been used to such situations. I hang my head and do not add to diagnosis. I listen carefully to new presciption and meds.  Every fortnight there is some permutation and combination in meds. I just hope for best and want my mother healthy. My mother is more active than me and just want her to be happy and healthy. We have lunch with sister. My mother and me play with child for little time and head home. I have to check office work.

Evening, my mother want’s me to get new medicines from local pharmacy and me wants to finish some work and promise to get her meds. She launches a minor tirade  like women do” You are not responsible and at night you will take your bike and go for a ride..”. I correct her ” I just came from hospital with you and how can you say such things..” She quickly corrects herself. My mother prefer’s my brother’s obedience. He is military ” You tell him something and it’s done..”   I take little discretion ..

Sometimes all this reminds me of a “character from a play” described by yesteryear great Hindi film comedian Mehmood, he had recounted in a television interview ” This character had a twisted nose and a nasal twang. He was nice and well behaved till you asked ” What’s wrong with your nose” and then he would launch a full assault ” What a characterless guy you are and where did you come from…” . My mother has this perception that ” am lazy” and can get into this mood…

The truth is my mother is very active & hardworking and am equally responsible. It’s just that she has had a hard time with illness and me have only one exposure. Hospitals. We both need better times ahead. Our saving grace is perhaps a woman..

This is my day today and if you want to check India’s Newton: please follow this.

Now I hope you don’t launch a minor tirade against me 🙂

Have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh


2 Responses to “Mother and me..”

  1. Sonya Kassam September 24, 2015 at 7:28 am #

    May better times come your way soon….

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