Leonard Cohen

22 Sep

Happy Birthday Master!

I discovered Leonard Cohen late in Life. My first hero was Gandhi. I then discovered Nehru and Mandela. Then the great physicist Richard Feynman and Frijtof Kapra. I had read them by teenage. I read french philosophers. I was shy and could read. I read and listened to music. When was twenty – one  wanted to be a writer. I went and met a university professor the only man whom knew was decent and had a published book. He gave encouraging feedback and was kind. I ended up taking ” character certificate” from him, those days companies asked for a ” character certificate” which one took from a university professor or a medical practioner. My medical doctor who gave zero risk medicines looked at me suspiciously. But my professor had  looked me in the eye and asked me ” Don’t you have a girl friend.? ” Never mind. There ended my minor writing career before it had begun at twenty one. I had told my father ” I can only read and write. What will I do ? ” I was very worried those days.

So when decided to write a blog. I named it after a Leonard Cohen speech. I have never found some one who speaks, sings, writes and makes music so beautifully and is incredibly  insightful and gracious. I was fascinated.  I remember kind professor too after twenty three years. I wish had become a writer. I ended up in industry. I only write here. So let me write something for the master..

I can read and write

touch and feel deeply

I could be vulnerable

could never lie, ever

If good intentions matter

could be a millionaire

But they don’t..

So learnt grit

made friends with faith

Actions matter

I fall in love

Can never forget

What can I do?

Why must I not succeed

Like every one else

And live happily ever..

So my soul is innocent

It is in near tatters

It’s held together by prayer

By a leonard cohen song, poem, interview..

I like the writer’s life

I scribble all the time

I like the guitar and tremolo

Should I take weekend classes?

I wonder would you meet my friend?

Would you call?

I have such yearnings and more

So listen to one more song

The one that have heard many a times

I go to work and live my life

Stiched and held togther

By a  song, poem or words

I reamain grateful

To your incomparable craft and great gift

Happy Birthday Master

Happy eighty first!

Goodnight freinds!  So…..

“Ring the bells that still can ring

Forget your perfect offering

There is a crack in everything

That’s how the light gets in.”

― Leonard Cohen
I must sleep now. Hope you have a good day!
Love, Suresh


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