Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise

20 Sep

Sometimes am deeply disturbed, still waiting for my life, wanting a fair chance at life….

But then every day am confronted with inequities of life at traffic signals, in the rains, girls carrying cripples on their shoulder right in front of five star hotels, every day die a little and am no longer young, the anger has given away to sadness..

Hold on..

Yes,  am living in paradise, have three square meals, roof, job and hope…

I have come to resignation, poor have no choice but to beg, let’s not get into a philosophical debate of right and wrong.. ( Anycase there is more wrong in right these days)

It’s been a sad week for good friends, three of them have lost  a dear one, they have been very kind to me and are close to my heart and may god give them resolution and peace. Love to my grieving friends.

As for Adam smith, am still young, determined, suffered too much and will make it count..

We are all living in paradise ” think twice, it’s another day for you and me in paradise..”

Hope you have a good day dear friends! Think all of us deserve a fair shot at life even the poor.. think about it.

Love, Suresh



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