My dream

13 Sep

I wanted to write a post on expert opinion. I will save that for later.


This is my true dream. Every since was twenty- one my dream was to have a family. Happy well knit family. That is my true dream. I think it is the best dream.

Like every one else have had aspirations. But my dream has always been a family. I agree with the caption ” Life is short. Do what matter! ”

Source :The picture is from Oliveria Rusu photography Facebook. Please see :

I have since learnt that if something has gone wrong in a friendship. It is my fault. It must be something wrong from our side. We must identify and rectify it. We should never blame anyone. I am to blame for anything that has gone wrong in a friendship. So this for today..

So my goals are to take my current family forward ( mom, brother, sister) and dream of a family of own. Yes want to do good work, think will get there.

Goodnight friends!  Donald Trump want’s to be president and me a family 🙂

Have a nice day and a great week ahead!

Love, Suresh


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