Friend and Hero

6 Sep


My friend sent me a message ” Did meet your hero couple of day’s ago”…

My friend Anwar and me share a bond ” Love for beloved actor Rahman” . That’s Anwar on left and Rahman on right. Both are very handsome. Rahman is a beautiful actor and gracious person.  Their kind spirit and goodness has made me happy. I hope to meet them sometime somewhere. Till then remember a blogpost wrote ” Rahman : A memory and actor..” (

I once went met actor Sunil Shetty in Taj Connemara while was working on Amazon assignment ten years  ago. We were staying there and would bump often in the pub and restaurant. He would always reach out ” Hi how are you” all the time.  I never forgot the graciousness and goodness of the actor to a stranger. 

Anwar and Rahman rekindled same goodness after all these years. There are very good people in this world. I think kindness makes people beautiful. So this to beautiful people Anwar and Rahman. Rahman a most beautiful actor.

Hope you have good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh


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