Unwell and strange day..

4 Sep

My mother had gone for medical reports. She stays a day at my sister’s house. So it’s me and brother. Generally he cooks and me do the dishes. That’s all can do. My culinary skills are zero, no may be even minus twenty five degrees below earth. I just boil milk and look for my brother. I learned this from my neighbourhood dog. Never mind.

I slept all right after some days and woke up with a buoyant dream. I was very happy when woke up and in my dream had won a Nobel award. The dream did not detail in which stream. Never mind was still quite happy at myself. I have studied that human mind cannot discern between imagination and reality. So all the more reasons to be happy. Then a thought comes in ” What for would get such a award”. I dismiss that thought. I thought it will be a good day.

I do not go for a walk. I had learnt Isha Yoga. So thought today would do just that and go about my day.  The maid comes and does the cooking. I discerned something not right. Little bit of conscious living has made one aware of intuition. I eat the lousy food and go for work. It’s one hour drive. I try to keep myself happy generally in the drive. I have always been alone and try to be my own best friend. I have many learnings and insights which experiment and remind in the daily commute. Something funny makes me laugh generally. Sometimes sing a song. I have no set preferences. Before you arrive at the obvious truth. It’s the only thing that keeps me sane. But today do not feel comfortable, couldn’t move and feel a cramp in the ribcage and a stiff headache. It’s difficult and manage to reach work.

I try my best to work. But can’t sit straight and the headache is endless. I still try to get something done. I really can’t and give up at 5pm. I realised ate the wrong food both in breakfast and my lunch box. Yes carry a lunch box . The food made by the maid. I send mails signing off and try to drive back in pain. I come home and throw myself at bed. The neighbour see’s me and seeing my face offers me tea.  ” Your mother told me  You drink tea without sugar. So made this for you.”  I can’t hide. I feel grateful and try to sleep on bed exactly like my neighbourhood friend cum dog. It’s involuntary. I am scared that we might be soul mates. Never mind. I hear the bell ring and my mother comes..

My mother’s reports are not good but she looks at me and immediately diagnoses me ” You have had wrong food ” . She gives me home remedies. I wonder ” What would I do without my mother.” Every time am sick, am helpless.

I am still not fully well as post this but will be okay soon. I have a hospital visit for my mother tomorrow. We have to go and meet her consultant.

I woke up happily and ended up feeling sick. So whoever say’s ” If you start your day well, you will have a good day is lying 🙂

Now I must really win that Nobel award. I think my friend believes in me. I am just grateful he does not bite me.

I think a good thought helps and yes good food 🙂

Hope you have a happy day dear friends!

Love, Suresh

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