Main to piya se naina laga aayi re – Hazrat Amir Khusro – Ustad Shujaat Hussain Khan

31 Aug

This is a Indian classical song by a superlative artist, a modern sitar great, Ustad Shujaat Khan. I love the artiste’s fine understated singing. The instrument and singing intimately intertwine to create a beautiful melody. Ustad Shujaat Khan son of a illustrious artiste father Ustad Vilayat Khan is a fine contemporary artiste. My understanding of indian classical music is rudimentary. I do understand the soulful singing and music..

This is a love song. The poet is a historical sufi mystic Hazrat Amir Khusro. The song goes..

” Main To Piya Say Naina Lada Aayi Re  (I’ve just come after making eyes meet with my love)

Ghar Naari Kanwari Kahe So Kare (If the women at home call me unwed, let them/Don’t care what the neighbourhood girls say)

Main To Piya Say Naina Lada Aayi Re (My eyes just met that of my love)

Sohni Suratiya, Mohni Muratiya, (A beautiful face, and an enchanting body/ his beautiful face, charming like an idol)

Haan mohni muratiya……(Yes an enchanting body / charming like an idol)

mohni muratiya……(An enchanting body… / charming like an idol)

Main To Hirday Ke Peechay Samaa Aayi Re (I’ve hidden it in the depths of my heart/ I’ve just made a place in the bottom of his heart)

Main To Piya Say

Ho Main To Piya Say Naina Lada Aayi Re (I’ve just returned after seeing my love)

Lyrics:  Adapted from a Coke studio India rendition of same song.

This for today dear friends. Hope you like the soulful and soothing rendition and brilliant sitar playing by Ustad Shujat Khan.

Iam a fan.

Have a good day dear friends!

Love, Suresh


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