17 Aug

I read the  The New York Times stunning piece on Amazon yesterday with horror and found it brutal..

Please see this :

And Please see Jeff Bezos rebuttal..

Please see :

I  was so stunned with The New York Times piece ” I did not allow my brother to go for a interview.” I will keep the reasons personal..

It was too much for me also..

I have humble experience with the ” earth’s most customer – centric company..” I did an assignment for Amazon when it was setting up teams in India.  Ten years ago. It was the best assignment of my life and remains so  till date. I remain grateful to my Scottish entreprenuer- friend Alex for same. We had a good time. I Loved Amazon.

Amazon opened my eyes to Internet, products, 10 x thinking, small autonomous teams ( max 8 people who could eat 2 pizzas they called it 2PTL- Two pizza team lead )scalability, the most talented people in computing, generally great people…

It gave me great happiness and made a tiny insignificant contribution and made some beautiful friends..

I Love them..

Yes they were intelligent, beautiful and had a backbone..

But then so did yours truly 🙂

I loved Amazon. I hope  Jeff Bezo’s rebuttal is true. NYT article did stun me..

Good night freinds! Hope you have a good day!

Love, Suresh

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