Happy independence day!

15 Aug

”  The power of yet.

 I heard about a high school in Chicago where students had to pass a certain number of courses to graduate, and if they didn’t pass a course, they got the grade “Not Yet.” And I thought that was fantastic, because if you get a failing grade, you think, I’m nothing, I’m nowhere. But if you get the grade “Not Yet” you understand that you’re on a learning curve. It gives you a path into the future.

Not Yet” also gave me insight into a critical event early in my career, a real turning point. I wanted to see how children coped with challenge and difficulty, so I gave 10-year-olds problems that were slightly too hard for them. Some of them reacted in a shockingly positive way. They said things like, “I love a challenge,” or, “You know, I was hoping this would be informative.” They understood that their abilities could be developed. They had what I call a growth mindset. But other students felt it was tragic, catastrophic. From their more fixed mindset perspective, their intelligence had been up for judgment and they failed. Instead of luxuriating in the power of yet, they were gripped in the tyranny of now.

― Carol Dweck ( TED Talk)

Iam a fan of Prof. Dweck ‘s theory of ” growth mindset ” and ” learnability through sustained effort and persistence” and have shared same in earlier posts.  I will post Prof Dweck TED  talk in another post.

I want to reinforce this message on India’s 69th Independence day.  Happy independence day and hope every school teaches and foster’s this ” growth mindset”,  most good teacher’s know this innately.  Hope every parent makes the child believe ” with effort everything is possible and can be mastered”.

I also remember Dr Abdul Kalam on this day. If every indian is inspired a little by the beloved great man we would be in a good place..

I hope the banning culture stops,that’s a fixed mindset ( Jad buddhi in Hindi ) 🙂

Goodnight friends, so be like Suresh and not government 🙂

Happy Independence day!

Love, Suresh


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