Things that are important…

10 Aug

” Everything you think is important, isn’t. And everything you think unimportant, is..”

This is from a movie guess ” People Like Us.”  I think this is true in many ways…

Any one has been in a difficult phase would know ” Who the real friends are…”

Have you ever asked for help from someone you thought was important?

Have you ever loved and lost and never really understood why?

Have you ever been to a cancer ward or a rehabilitation home?

Have you lived in a conflict zone?

Have you been truly vulnerable ?

You would know…

My humble journey has shown that following things are important:

Health – Health is the greatest blessing on earth and most important thing in universe. Human body is a miracle.

Education – Education is the second most important thing in this world after health. It is a passport to life.

Concentration – If you are genius and you can’t concentrate, you will achieve nothing. If you are dumb and you can concentrate, you will  surprise yourself.

Peace – Peace is beautiful. It must be second most beautiful  state after love.

Exercise – Any form of exercise is best gift to yourself. Walking, running, biking, sports, gym, whatever works for you and something you enjoy.. except talking, talking is no exercise please..:)

Meditation – If life takes a bite at you, meditation will save you..

Prayers – Whether you are a believer or not, surrender will give  peace. Prayers from a grateful heart is beautiful.

Love – is beautiful shorn of ideology or concepts. It must be best experience of human life.

Family – The only unit that cares.

True friend –  blessing of universe.

This for today, Good night friends!  Remember then everything you think important ,isn’t, everything you think unimportant, is…

Love, Suresh


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