A scare and a walk..

8 Aug

More and more am posting on blog about personal journey, it’s not by design, may be that’s been my state of mind. I do have interests – science, sports, design, music, economics, health care, creative writing etc. More and more my post’s are introspective and personal. May be when reach a little bit grace in my work and life. I will write more of interests. It’s okay to chronicle one’s struggles  – there are no rules:)

I had a scare on friday. There was a health camp at my work place. I have never undergone a health check in my life. Iam forty four now and my sister and my friend had advised me to get checked and take a insurance cover.  After long family struggles with health issues me had become disinterested or detached in my own existence. Anyway decided to take health check at work. My blood sugar came little high. I was worried. Is it because am stressed? Is it because am spending long hours and little sleep? Is it because am not walking or running like before?

I told my mom and she said you get up early and go for walks. I decided will go for morning walks as used to earlier and made a plan. I also decided will go back to my practice of chanting. I have only exercise, god, family and my two friends. I went for a walk happily and brought the food which my mom likes ( she has become greedy, she reminds my brother, incase me miss it, think she has become like a child ). I ran little bit also after some eight months. I realised how much had missed my morning walks. One old aquaintance waved at me as he was driving back. I was happy.

I have always been alone and been happy. I realised have no need of phone really, only my mother calls me, my sister and friend’s message me. I need walking shoes, reading glasses and notebooks. My brother has a new phone and he is enamoured by it. I think smart phone is worst investment did in life. I had read long ago in a article by a journalist from Pakistan ” What can you say about intelligence of  a society which judges you by size of a mobile phone.and car you drive….”. I concured and so ..anyway much cheaper smart phones are available in  my country now. But why am I writing about smart phones.!!!

I then went to hospital with my mother for her regular check ups. The doctor was hinting at self care. I kept looking at him and never forgot what my innocent brother had told me long ago ”  For patients meeting doctors gives little assurance….” It’s very true.

I came home tired and fell asleep. I thought would do some office work. My mother again reminded me to go for a walk in evening. So went and brought household things.  The most important thing in life is health.

Iam getting conscious about health. No more eating biscuits more than my neighbhourhood stray dog. Or eating chocolates a childhood habit which never overcame. One day all my teeth will come out hanging like Dracula. I will take my mother’s counsel go for walks and yes will pray.

I want to quote a fine Indian actress Neetu singh and she had quoted her husband saying ” I don’t live under duress.”

I think I too don’t live under duress 🙂

Love Suresh

Okay some pictures of today evening..


Me today evening with a umbrella and a bag to buy household stuff while coming back..


On my way back go to a temple, am most impressed by the temple priest, first time saw a priest totally mesmerised and dancing, that’s pure devotion..


I come home happily tired, as always enjoy my walks, my friend had reminded me to smile, may be my friend will see this..


This is my poker self, unless like a stray dog feel unbelievable happiness or joy for no reason…

No am a happy person, it’s just don’t know how to smile in a picture..:)


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