2 Aug

I was determined to make this day better. I practised mindfulness. I went for a little walk. By the time was back home, my mother had found ” My  missing document ” and heard her saying on phone to my sister ” he created a earthquake yesterday in the house searching for his document ” . I was relieved never mind the disgust  and exaggeration 🙂

It never ceases to amaze me ” What I can’t find in a day, my mother finds in a hour “.  I will try to take crash course from PC Sorcar Jr or David Copperfield if they are willing or lie prostrate before a picture of Houdini and decipher this magic. Frankly it’s beyond me 🙂

So kept my promise of yesterday and decided to go out and buy bags for my sister and mother..


That’s me trying to buy women’s bag today 🙂

I realised it’s been a long time since went and bought something for my sister. My sister is married but still she is still my sister right dear friends..


I wanted to buy two bags. The leather work in India is good. I buy one and send my sister a picture for approval. She tells me to buy only one. I will buy one more for my mother. The next sunday.

Iam happy kept my word and accomplished task for day. For what is a man without  honor, right my friends..

I always keep my word. My life is not picture perfect. I love. And tried to keep personal life : my family and two friends genuine and clean..

“Human happiness and moral duty are inseparably connected.”
―  George Washington

I must learn magic and then and only then can compete with my mother 🙂

Good night friends! Hope you have a nice week ahead!

Love, Suresh

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