Our Journey..

25 Jul

My life has become little bit like the movie Groundhog Day. My friends traverse globe and have got married. I seem to be stuck with five days of work, one day of hospital, another day of temple.  Today was hospital day. I met one of my cousin sister. I had last met her long time ago. I kept looking at her. She caught hold of me tightly and asked ” What are you looking at…”  I couldn’t say anything. What can I say? I like all my sisters.

We have our own journey. They are our own. We did not make all of them. Some times life gave  them to us. We accepted. We have our own experiences. We have our own mishaps.  Each journey perhaps experiences the same colors on human palette : love, loss, heart break, joy, sufferring, happiness and death. We are bound by our human experience. No body perhaps masters human experience, it’s a recurring theme, thus we must all be kind to ourselves.  No two experiences are similar. We must hold our head high my friend had reminded me in a moment of vulnerability. I have no references to look upto. Perhaps no body has..

We have intellectual ideals, musical and literary heroes, science and sporting heroes, can we emulate their lives? No you can’t. We can take inspiration or feel great love for them for their work or being..

What am trying to hint is our journey is unique even if we are a postal clerk or a lift man. I do not mean so in bad taste, me has always loved post office. If I were a postal clerk, would aspire to be a good postal clerk and read Pablo Neruda in spare time. I love post office.

May be we can improve, am making no case for being a jerk, in any case good people are no jerks, by the way good people should never go on the wrong side, that’s the saddest thing in my opinion.  I come to my original premise, there is no parallel for your choices, your existence.

So we must find our way every now and then and course correct. There are so many articles which kind of hand out a map : five steps to stand up, four steps to sit down, three steps to lie down. I think there is only step to stand upside down. Never mind. Mind you me  read them often and find it fascinating.  Too much of advise make you really stupid.  But there are no general rules and some of them which feel like experimenting can really help.

So we find our way. We make a choice based on our parameters. We can keep the circumference wide and that’s our courage. We must keep doing what we must. What we can. Some times what we cannot. Then course correct.

We can be loving to ourselves and the world regardless of our point of existence.

I saw this post today ” Love, family, imagination conquers all ” ( Life is beautiful movie) . I think it’s wonderful.

I chose love, family and imagination. The last two are in my control and have always been comitted to family and imagination is all that have. As for love, hope it works out. Else one has always been loving in any case, that’s what was born with, DNA..

Tomorrow theme could be ” love, health, success” or any such thing…

The point is we choose our themes, we choose our lives..

So who is to judge anything as my freind tells me?

The truth is no one and we all have a unique experience of life, we choose our colors, we make our paintings..

So be kind to yourself. Embrace this human existence. Choose your themes, choose your life..

Good night friends!  Have a lovely day!

Love, Suresh


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