24 Jul

Apologies at the outset for being away, my work has changed little and hopefully it’s all for good. My good colleague said numbers change everything. What are numbers? Targets. So am in rat race. But am no rat. I want to function gracefully with grit. I want to give life a best shot. If it means targets. So it goes.

I missed meeting my friend and his children, he had come visiting, we spoke and he reassured will come next year, told him just might visit him, he lives in Boston with family and children. He is a good doctor.

My two friends here are my family. I would like to meet them though. My life would be a Sub sahara desert without them.

I miss my classmate and wonder why…..

I am guided by my teacher’s message..

” life is full of challenges which are opportunities in a different dress. Courage, patience and hard work will give you a new lease to life. May God bless you and give you the strength to go from success to success while walking the difficult path.”

My teacher had wished me, my teachers words are golden and inspire me, in this journey have something to hold on to…

Sometimes am alone, the nights darker, think of my class mate and wonder…

I think of my earlier life..

Have I changed? Have I grown?

I believe so am determined to survive. My friend had told me ” You lived with great determination ….”

I want to make this work count, do not know what tomorrow holds, but will survive, survive well…

I want to make my mother’s dream come true, my innocent brother inspires me, will live for them..

Now If only find right person or my friend life would be wonderful..

Good night friends. My weekdays are for work. Weekends for hospitals. But remember me as i remember you..:)



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