My young self

12 Jul


me at seventeen or eighteen years old, guess 1989 or 1990…

I do not have many pictures, one  had given to my freind..

My best memories are though of my school and reading Reader Digest and Time magazine alone in Lunch recess in junior college Library..

I could read that was the only skill had…and had a habit of visiting libraries from my first school ( 10 or 12 years old)

I was thin and shy but liked my school friends a lot, that love is undiminished and something have still retained, still like my school friends a lot..

What would I tell my seventeen your old self?

” Study, Study, Study, Study, Study, Study

Make your dreams come true

Make your parents proud

Give them maximum happiness possible

Make your school proud

Be happy ..”

I wish could say this to my younger self..

I would still like to study and be the best person that can be, yes am much more in grace now than was at seventeen..

This picture is for my friends from my school and teenage, may be they will remember me like in the picture..

My youthful dreams didn’t come true , am giving it my best shot now..

Good night friends!  There is always a second chance for everything 🙂

Love, Suresh

P.S : In my generation the dream was to be a Engineer or a Doctor, me was no different… the dream kept changing, when was 22 years old, a astrologer sitting next to me in a Bus told me ” You will make career in management” and even my first boss had told me ” You are a natural, If only you had studied management instead of ..” I have found my calling in management. My teenage dream though was to be a Engineer or a doctor. My dream now is to keep working and study management.  I believe will make my dream come true this time around..


2 Responses to “My young self”

  1. Sonya Kassam July 12, 2015 at 7:13 pm #

    Reading Readers Digest…those were the days!

    • sureshvn July 12, 2015 at 7:21 pm #

      Yes my friend, those were good days 🙂

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