Today, July 11, 2015

11 Jul

I woke up today thinking of day : hospital appointments, late lunch at sisters place, then bring back my mother to our home for a couple of days. My weekends are for meeting doctors.  But my mother’s friend who so kindly gives breakfast unfailingly gave me a news early morning which left me sad, very sad.  I learnt one of beloved childhood friends young brother left for heavenly abode. I felt so sorry for bereaved parents whom know and love. I felt sorry for my friend. May the grace of one above hold them together. I had only noted down yesterday in my notebook a spritual teacher’s observation ”  The world is unpredictable, in a flux, and a pair of opposites.”

I then went to meet my mother, sister’s family and went to the hospital. I am used to hospital life. I will one day write my experiences about it. It’s a different world. I took my mother for her review with two consultants. I constantly wonder about diagnosis, permutations and combinations thereof, regular medical reviews. The consultant’s look scrubbed clean and speak well.  I have to always be on my toes. I also remember what my doctor friend had told me ” Medicare is really about longevity, increasing life span, how very little cure is there in medical sciences. ” My friend is a cardiologist and was talking about American health care. In India health care is  accessible but still very expensive.

I come back with better diagnosis for mother and we have lunch at sister’s place and return to our home. My sister is wonderful and has been really helpful. We were a team earlier. I am grateful she is really helpful and takes good care of our mother. She has a little baby too. Baby like babies do, cry animatedly..

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Book ” EAT PRAY LOVE ” stares at me, likewise my book  would perhaps be” Work, Struggle, Hospitals “….the only exception is sometimes fall in love and  terribly miss my friend..

What can I say? Do I want another life? Yes, ofcouse, life where there are no hospitals and there is travel and.happiness..:)

I know can make good friends with melancholy ” Hello darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to talk with you again…”

I want to change that, have a very cheerful side, which needs to find more expression…

Till then  ” Beyond the door, There’s peace I’m sure, And I know there’ll be no more, Tears in heaven…” . This for my childhood friend! Hope the family find peace..

Love, Suresh


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