7 Jul

My personal life needs improvement and sometimes feel isolated and in exile. I want respite from family illness. I feel very alone in this struggle. My mother’s friend’s are very kind. They give breakfast and enquire about her well being. I feel very humbled. My friends and well wishers are kind. I hope me too will have a good experience in life like every one else one day..

What has left me stunned though is the sinister and abnormal killings in Vyapam Scam. I have never seen something like this in my whole life. This is criminal and augurs no good for the country. What I dislike about current dispensation is that they are very complacent because they have a popular mandate. I don’t like it. I hope the Supreme court intervenes and orders a  new investigation…

The chief minister has finally yielded to a CBI investigation:

I hope something sincere and steadfast is done very soon and all the criminals are brought to book..

Hoping for the best. I hope no life is ever lost again in suspicious circumstances..

Sincerely, Suresh


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