Social media..

5 Jul

Social networking can make life so complicated. May love find you and keep you.

― JM Prater,  Humans of New York

Please see :

This is the most sensitive comment came across on social media.  I concur and have a feeling, social networking can make life complicated and the best thing to say to any one really is ” May love find you and keep you.”

I think we should try and connect with people real time and meet them if our circumstances permit..

But I perfectly understand need of Referenceability and trust..

Earlier would feel bad If am blocked, now understand and have no bad feelings, yes if I like you much, then feel sad…If  truly like you, can never have bad feelings..

Strange as it may sound, people who dislike you do not block you, it is people who like you and who you like..

Social media is no barometer for anything really, least of all life, life is so much more and but it’s wonderful to meet your school mates, teachers and people you love. It can also be a wonderful community and support group as  recently discovered when my mother was in hospital.  I felt comforted by my friends and well wisher’s concern as spent nights in hospital. So it is a wonderful platform..

So, ” Let yourself be drawn by the stronger pull of that which you truly love.”  ( Rumi)

Good night friends! This is for my friend, ” don’t make me sad and may love find you and keep you. ” 🙂

Love, Suresh


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