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31 Jul

Apologies for being away. I have been working and tired. I miss blogging it’s my only voice to the world. ” To make sense of our own little shabby existence ” as a master would describe it. I realised have one satisfaction. I realised it today as was coming home late from work.  ” That always worked hard and gave my best to my work. Every time. ” I had a feeling nobody can take that away from me. I felt deeply satisfied. Imagine if had met better situations 🙂

My only ambition is to meet good people in life and work, we meet better situations as we move forward is my opinion..

Good night friends! My little treasure. I promise to write soon.

Much love, Suresh


Our Journey..

25 Jul

My life has become little bit like the movie Groundhog Day. My friends traverse globe and have got married. I seem to be stuck with five days of work, one day of hospital, another day of temple.  Today was hospital day. I met one of my cousin sister. I had last met her long time ago. I kept looking at her. She caught hold of me tightly and asked ” What are you looking at…”  I couldn’t say anything. What can I say? I like all my sisters.

We have our own journey. They are our own. We did not make all of them. Some times life gave  them to us. We accepted. We have our own experiences. We have our own mishaps.  Each journey perhaps experiences the same colors on human palette : love, loss, heart break, joy, sufferring, happiness and death. We are bound by our human experience. No body perhaps masters human experience, it’s a recurring theme, thus we must all be kind to ourselves.  No two experiences are similar. We must hold our head high my friend had reminded me in a moment of vulnerability. I have no references to look upto. Perhaps no body has..

We have intellectual ideals, musical and literary heroes, science and sporting heroes, can we emulate their lives? No you can’t. We can take inspiration or feel great love for them for their work or being..

What am trying to hint is our journey is unique even if we are a postal clerk or a lift man. I do not mean so in bad taste, me has always loved post office. If I were a postal clerk, would aspire to be a good postal clerk and read Pablo Neruda in spare time. I love post office.

May be we can improve, am making no case for being a jerk, in any case good people are no jerks, by the way good people should never go on the wrong side, that’s the saddest thing in my opinion.  I come to my original premise, there is no parallel for your choices, your existence.

So we must find our way every now and then and course correct. There are so many articles which kind of hand out a map : five steps to stand up, four steps to sit down, three steps to lie down. I think there is only step to stand upside down. Never mind. Mind you me  read them often and find it fascinating.  Too much of advise make you really stupid.  But there are no general rules and some of them which feel like experimenting can really help.

So we find our way. We make a choice based on our parameters. We can keep the circumference wide and that’s our courage. We must keep doing what we must. What we can. Some times what we cannot. Then course correct.

We can be loving to ourselves and the world regardless of our point of existence.

I saw this post today ” Love, family, imagination conquers all ” ( Life is beautiful movie) . I think it’s wonderful.

I chose love, family and imagination. The last two are in my control and have always been comitted to family and imagination is all that have. As for love, hope it works out. Else one has always been loving in any case, that’s what was born with, DNA..

Tomorrow theme could be ” love, health, success” or any such thing…

The point is we choose our themes, we choose our lives..

So who is to judge anything as my freind tells me?

The truth is no one and we all have a unique experience of life, we choose our colors, we make our paintings..

So be kind to yourself. Embrace this human existence. Choose your themes, choose your life..

Good night friends!  Have a lovely day!

Love, Suresh


24 Jul

Apologies at the outset for being away, my work has changed little and hopefully it’s all for good. My good colleague said numbers change everything. What are numbers? Targets. So am in rat race. But am no rat. I want to function gracefully with grit. I want to give life a best shot. If it means targets. So it goes.

I missed meeting my friend and his children, he had come visiting, we spoke and he reassured will come next year, told him just might visit him, he lives in Boston with family and children. He is a good doctor.

My two friends here are my family. I would like to meet them though. My life would be a Sub sahara desert without them.

I miss my classmate and wonder why…..

I am guided by my teacher’s message..

” life is full of challenges which are opportunities in a different dress. Courage, patience and hard work will give you a new lease to life. May God bless you and give you the strength to go from success to success while walking the difficult path.”

My teacher had wished me, my teachers words are golden and inspire me, in this journey have something to hold on to…

Sometimes am alone, the nights darker, think of my class mate and wonder…

I think of my earlier life..

Have I changed? Have I grown?

I believe so am determined to survive. My friend had told me ” You lived with great determination ….”

I want to make this work count, do not know what tomorrow holds, but will survive, survive well…

I want to make my mother’s dream come true, my innocent brother inspires me, will live for them..

Now If only find right person or my friend life would be wonderful..

Good night friends. My weekdays are for work. Weekends for hospitals. But remember me as i remember you..:)


What if..

18 Jul

What if

If we live for others

What if

If we work for others

What if

If we sacrifice

What if

If our bodies are for others

What if

If we surrender to other

What if

If we are happy for others

What if

If our locus is other

What if

I shrink

What if

You win

What if

I love you

What if

We live for a ideal

What if

If we live for god’s pleasure

What if

If we live for passion

What if

It’s all about you

What if

We want to change the world

What if

Children love  parents

What if

Parents bless children

What if

Children grow taller than parents

What if

It’s for your pleasure

What if

It’s all about you

What if

Our father’s are watching

What if

God is with us

What if

Every one has mothers love

What if

We go back to school

What if

The world is beautiful

What if

Life is beautiful

What if

Other makes it beautiful

What if

What if..

These my learnings and thoughts for today. Good night friends!

What if, we were to meet…:)

Love, Suresh

Quote 17 Jul

“For the first time in my life I saw the truth as it is set into song by so many poets, proclaimed as the final wisdom by so many thinkers. The truth – that Love is the ultimate and highest goal to which man can aspire. Then I grasped the meaning of the greatest secret that human poetry and human thought and belief have to impart: The salvation of man is through love and in love.”
― Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s search for meaning… 

This is really the ultimate truth. The great doctor is right. Love is the highest ideal and best state of Life.  The master sang ” I’ve seen the nations rise and fall. I’ve heard their stories, heard them all, but love’s the only engine of survival…” ( Leonard Cohen/ The future)

Love, in all it’s expressions, not just romantic love…

If we can’t find true love, then we meditate…there is no other way to peace

Let’s hope all of us find true love, if not atleast be loving….

Good night friends! I read in a article ” What matter’s most is what we carry in our head and our hearts. The rest is just outwardly possesions that can lose their meaning and relevance at any given point.” I found it beautiful. It’s from LinkedIn influencer post by Kathleen Murphy ” How my mentees have mentored me.”

All right leave you with a favorite thought then ..

” Two people in love, alone, isolated from the world, that’s beautiful.”

― Milan Kundera

” Even beggar’s are together in pairs, haven’t you seen?..” my aunt had asked me last time..

I think love is the greatest experience of life. It is all that aspire to. True love.

Good night friends! Have a lovely weekend! My mother scolded me today, so she is geting back to normalcy 🙂

Love, Suresh

Quote 16 Jul

“No man should judge unless he asks himself in absolute honesty whether in a similar situation he might not have done the same.”
―  Viktor E. Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning 

The great psychiatrist is right. If we examine truly, every body does what they think is right, nobody thinks they are wrong..

Every one then needs love, encouragement and support..

Good night friends!

Love, Suresh

A song from my state ( Malyalam song)

15 Jul

My mother and me was listening to this song today. I want to get better at my mother tongue  – Malyalam..

But I must share this wisdom from a comedy show

” Please vote for me. I have all the makings of a future prime ministerial candidate!!!

How come?

I can do Yoga and take selfie from all angles.”

Hope you like the song, its a beautiful song, music is universal, may be some of you might like it..

Have a lovely day dear friends! I think very soon we will have a All India selfie party 🙂

Love, Suresh