Little life poems

30 Jun

My mother

My mother is brave

My mother is wise

She is  hardworking

She tells me to be strict

Yet she fools around with me

And asks me to stay

May be am her entertainment

May be am her  hope

May be she likes me

She calls me every day

Iam so grateful to that

My mother has had so much sufferring

As a child it breaks my heart

Every time she goes to hospital

We are both scared and stoic

I wish was a ideal child

She would have been happy

Some one said am a “good son

God will acknowledge that “

” And a good brother, he added..”

I wouldn’t know but have always been very sincere

honest in my faults and sincere in my commitment

I am glad we share a little bond

Atleast she laughs at me and with me..

I have given her little bit of fearlessness

She has given me everything

The only person who stood by me

So, pray she retains her strength and courage

One more time and a new medical procedure

I saved some money

I never knew for surgery

I never thought this would come again

She is scared this time, but we will make it

I want her dreams to come true

” A new house and children married”

Then my mother will be really happy

Please pray for my mother


Two pictures:

Two happy pictures

Two pictures of families

Two pictures of mother and two children

Two pictures remind me of possibilities

Two pictures that make me cry

Two pictures that stir my soul

Two pictures of people loved

Two pictures of broken love

Will ever be in that picture

Two pictures and true love..

Happy experience

Iam waiting for a happy experience

Iam waiting for a one real happy experience

We are waiting for a happy experience

We are waiting for a one true happy experience..

( We are happy, but waiting for a happy experience..)

Three sides

The three sides

The good side

The  bad (not so good) side

The spiritual side

The good is pleasure

The bad is ugly

The spiritual is peace

You can’t escape them.

You can’t deny them

You can’t

They follow you every time

They follow you every where.

The three sides…

So, good night friends. We had a emergency and health scare. I am so glad my mother is fine. Please pay for my mothers health. My friends would..

Love, Suresh



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