Apologies and some thoughts..

22 Jun

Apologies dear friends have been away from blogging, have been struggling for grace and as slowly inch to find that elusive balance, have been thinking :

– Am I making best use of this time?

– Am I doing all I can?

The young kept me incredibly happy at work and now that they have gone back to school to pursue their dreams and expectations from life. I have to have new goals. I understood that have to stitch my life around my work. It has taken me a long time to grow up. And I need to study. My mother though keeps scolding me to get married 🙂

I keep thinking ” Am I making best use of this time and am I doing all I can.” This seems to be my guiding thought.

I have had a realization ” I want things to happen in their time. I do not want things soon. I do not want things before time. My whole life has been one of patience.”

I also felt fleetingly ever so fleetingly have met people whom loved and got work that desired and felt flushed with happiness for a moment…

I am given to extreme joyfulness and extreme sadness in a solitary moment..

More and more want to feel joyfulness and stay happy and grateful..

I saw a remarkable Oprah story of a lady from  rural Zimbabwe , Tererai Trent who achieved her goals in America ” her goal was to graduate, then get a masters, and a Ph.d and  work in America…”.. So many of my Indian friends have achieved this dream….

Will I achieve my dream. ?

I will surely achieve my dream…

I do not want to be sad  though anymore. I do feel grateful for happy experiences even if they came like a bright meteor and faded into a luminous sky..

Yes I did start day with a smile and end with a broader smile..

My leg is improving and so is my health, will find my balance soon..

Till then remeber to smile and be happy dear friends!

Good night and love, Suresh

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