Ivan Rakitić

8 Jun

” To be honest, I didn’t want to set my hopes too high. My approach wasn’t to have big dreams [about what might happen], instead I focused on savouring the experience. But I was also very aware that to be a regular starter you have to earn it. At Sevilla I always wanted to play, often even when I was injured, going against medical opinion, and that’s always been my attitude: to grit my teeth and be ready whenever I’m needed. That’s what I work for and what I live for too.”

” I’ve always said that you’ve got to enjoy being at Barça. You have to come here each day with a smile on your face and go home with an even broader one. I can’t understand how anyone could be fed up here. Everything we’ve got at this club is incredible: the best players in the world, top-class fans and wonderful facilities. The season is long and up-and-downs are to be expected, particularly because there were a lot of changes before it started. It’s been important to keep our composure and our self-belief, and it’s no coincidence that we’ve found our best form late in the season.”

” To be honest, by staying totally calm. It’s what we’ve been working towards. We want to win, we know Juve very well and have enormous respect for them, but we’ve only got one thing on our minds and that’s winning. This is a final and we’re Barcelona – we mustn’t think any other way!”

― Ivan Rakitic, Barca No 4 , few days before scoring in UEFA Champions League final against Juventus.

Please see: http://www.fifa.com/world-match-centre/uefachampionsleague/news/newsid/261/524/9/index.html

I had seen Ivan Rakitić play  for first time in 2014 FIFA World Cup. I had wondered what a fine player and soon was unveiled as a Barca player. Remember it is not always about Messi, Neymar or Suarez, it’s also about good talented players like Rakitić in a team. No wonder then it was Rakitić who scored first in the Champions league final. Every team needs a Rakitić “to grit my teeth and be ready whenever I’m needed. That’s what I work for and what I live for too..” Barcelona has one more Mascherano. No wonder Barca is such a great team and having such  stellar season.

As for me had a very quiet day and was missing my young intern team. Tomorrow onwards will “grit my teeth and be ready whenever I’m needed.” I will carry their quest for excellence with me. They have left me younger. I will remember them.

Hope you like the Fifa.com interview with Ivan Rakitić. A hero like no other.

Have a lovely day dear friends.

Love, Suresh


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