Mentoring and lesson from the young

7 Jun

“The young do not know enough to be prudent, and so they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation.”

―  Pearl S. Buck

I wrote an earlier post about appetite to study inspired by the young. I have always liked children and young. Since all my life have been interested in  new thought or a original thought. My fundamental interest has always been in the innocent and intelligent. Hopefully the young will retain both the innocence and intelligence a little longer than adults. Iam not saying the adult is not intelligent. The innocent thought and ideas of the young is divine. It must be protected. It must be nurtured. It must be loved for itself. It must be given wings in its own space. That’s what your’s truly tried with three bright management interns from India’s best. What did I learn from them in the  process ?

– Intelligence needs a challenge. Otherwise it get’s bored and is disinterested. One always knew this as was a restless mind when young and also one of my friends had told me ” My problem is I get bored easily.”  This comes with territory of intelligence. Shah Rukh khan had indicated in Yale talk that out of ten movies he does only two that are interesting. But he does everything with same enthusiasm. That’s why he is a superstar. I have learnt if you do things which you do not like equally well as the ones you like then you are a sure winner. The young need a structure and a challenge to excel. You must give intelligent and creative children something worthy and stimulating.

– Brain storming. The young like to brainstorm and come with solutions. It is wonderful. As we get older we get too attached to our position or opinion. There must always be healthy discussion and brainstorming. It is fantastic and we get great results. The good argument is good for any unit – family, school, company and society.

– Team work. The young work very well as a team. It is important. It teaches to respect another person’s opinion and work. It breeds tolerance. It breeds great teams  – whether it is  soccer teams or great companies.

– Self motivation . I saw a presentation by famed dabbawalas of Bombay who work with magical precision in  a chaotic infrastructure, their leader had said in presentation ” I don’t know anything about motivation. Who motivates Amitabh Bachchan ( Great Indian movie star), Sachin Tendulkar ( Great Indian cricketer)….” It is true self motivation is vital.  The best are self motivated.

The great American writer is right . It is the young who attempt the impossible and change our world…

The young can also be a metaphor or mindset. If we stay away from the negative and believe in little magic ( not be so prudent or realistic), we can always be young in mind, it’s fun and so enjoyable. Age is really a number. Your’s truly lived that way..

Some pictures from a good time with my inspirational intern team ( IIM -A and IIM – C)


Namrata, Rahul and me..


Rajat takes a selfie..


Rajat of course does it well..


Rajat, Rahul, Namrata and me..

I will remember them all my life. I never forget good people. It’s my only treasure. I really owe it to my company, Polaris Consulting and services limited, for this wonderful opportunity. And also my ever gracious and cheerful manager, Sam.

I have some really good work experiences –  working with a bright Amazon team ten years ago, now mentoring bright intern team from Indian Institute of Management ( IIM -A and IIM -C).

The young will become stars in their own light. I don’t know what life has in store for me, but will always stick to my life long mission ” Innocence and Intelligence”…

Now  leg must heal quickly and find a permanent solution to mouth ulcers, am sick of falling sick, must get healthy soon 🙂

I believe ” If you have young in family. You are blessed. If you have children. You are blessed.  Banish needless worries. You can be young with them too, in spirit and mind..”

Apologies for being away for a while, sometimes make stupid mistakes and hurt myself, fell from stairs, it’s okay it must mean am young and learning 🙂

Have a easy Sunday dear friends.

Love. Suresh

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