Aruna Shanbaug

18 May

Aruna Shanbaug has passed away. This is one of the saddest story that have read in my life. Life is savagely unfair to some people. I have sometimes felt it’s hugely optimistic to be happy all the time, if the sadness in a human being’s life can be minimised then it would be a big deal. Yes, want the world to be less sad. Every one’s  sufferring must be minimised is my desire. Every one must have peace and oppurtunity to give a best shot to life. Happiness can follow.

I read about Aruna Shanbaug story in ” The Illustrated Weekly ” as a child. I read it in my visits to a public library. Aruna shanbaug was a staff nurse who was brutually assaulted and left braindead by a criminal of a ward boy. There are lot of people who are not worthy of being human beings.  I read about her story and that she was once a beautiful nurse engaged to a doctor.  She has lived 42 years in coma. That’s almost my wholle life. Life is very unfair. What was her fault?

I first visited KEM hospital as a child to see my father who was admitted there long ago. My loving father was most happy to see me. I remember being sprayed with kisses by my father. I was the eldest child. My other siblings were not born perhaps then. My Father left for heavenly abode in KEM many years later. I have spent lot of time in King Edward memorial hospitals. I think nurses are as important as doctors. Aruna Shanbaug was one such dedicated staff nurse. The hospital and her fellow nurses did take care of her and gave her some dignity which life did not..

This is a sad story of my generation :

My sincere experience of life is there is lot that is unfair and my most sincere wish is that every one’s sufferring must be minimised..

Every body should have a fair shot at life and have dignity..

I don’t think will ever forget this story.  Aruna Shanbaug rest in peace.

Good night friends!

Love, Suresh


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