16 May

Its been a good lazy day. I did not accomplish anything in particular. I spoke to three people. That’s a lot. My cousin called me from Amrika as he does from time to time ” Pehchana nahi mein hu …” ( Didn’t you recognize its me). Talking to him is wonderful. The pure land of Buddha. The Kingdom of god. I catch up with him and we talk about his studies and life. He asks me ” When am i coming..” I reassure him hopefully soon.  I hope to meet him soon.

I walk out and call my friend and am calling him after long time. We catch up and our lives have changed. He lives in a different city and is married. He asks me to get married and asks about what have i been upto. He advises me to learn cooking. My only friend really has been good to me. I had to call him. We talk about music and ask him ” when he is coming..”.

So two good people in mornings who mean a lot to me is wonderful. I catch the sun little. I come home and just feel lazy. I think about my cousin and what my friend just told me :How to find a companion…

I have food and check my office mails. No mails. Unusual. I send myself a ” Test ” mail. So it is…

I remember a conversation with a Iranian acquaintance and he had told me ” Many people don’t know what to do if there is no work…”.  Last three days have not done any exercise also. I do not like it.

The bell rings. A young girl speaks laser fast something about ” Girl child ” and ” Prime minister’s campaign” . But she looks like a student and invite her in and she explains ( again laser fast) about educating girl child. Medicinal aid for girl child. I stop her and ask ” which organization she is from ..” . I tell her,  it’s already been on my mind. I had already made enquiries. I write a humble cheque. She wants me to write more. I smile and say “this for today.”

I ask her ” How many people have responded to her “. She says ” Five or seven in seventy”…

She fills the forms and puts a smiley  and asks about my family. She speaks fast, writes fast and is earnest. She waves to me as she leaves home.She asks me one final time ” Do you speak Marathi “…( regional language)

I have accomplished a mission. I feel peaceful. I sponsored one girl child.

I am writing this only to illustrate : What ever is on your mind truly manifests, it may be serendipity or may be you attract your truest intentions..

I have a conviction now ” Our truest intentions manifests”. This is my direct experience.

Good night friends! Hope you have a lovely day!

Love, Suresh


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