In dino dil mera mujse hai keh raha ( Bollywood song)

15 May

I remembered this song today morning and may be it had something to do with my yesterday’s summation :  ” It is the heart that is the problem, it is the heart that may be the answer..”

Never mind the subconscious has its own way. It’s a simple song about ” having a dream and daring to love..”

Something we are never scared to pursue when we are young and then and then it goes wrong for many of us…..

Its never that elastic again, you may find a spiritual vein and be happy and liberated in a detached way, but it dosen’t have the headiness of a ” dream and love”..

May be love and dream are the same..

You need to be in love to pursue a dream, you need to dream to be in love..

The song also reminds me of  life twenty years ago, trains, buses, a friend, mumbai…

The first practical city met…

I really don’t know the meaning of Practical, all i know is Science practicals – biology practicals  – and a malyalee teacher would say ” Now you have to dissect frogs ..”

For some strange reason got less marks in Biology long time ago, otherwise destiny would have been different..

I am happy  with ” my work “. I work very hard to contribute and give it my best shot. I remember though my twenty year old friend telling me ” If you work in a place for five years, you will be fine..” I remember her today..

My dream of doing great work is alive..

My other dream of a loving family needs to be sustained..

I must believe in love and  dream..

My malyalee teacher’s name is Mr. Nair, the same surname that me have, some of those who know me would know of this gentleman, a handsome very good  Biology teacher, and every time he spoke about ” Copulation of frogs” our teenage minds would laugh..

I tend to digress, that’s my nonsensical self..

Anyways always believe in a dream and love…

I heard Irfan Khan say in a interview ” There is no better feeling than love…”

I agree..

Good night friends! Hope you have a lovely day!

Love, Suresh


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