Martin Scorsese ( The Talks)

11 May

This is a dated interview from the master film maker, The Talks, April 12 2013, but always like to read and listen to the great film maker, no body talks like him, so may be you will like these too..:)

” We would lose the beauty of seeing a film at the age of 10 and then seeing it at the age of 25 and it changes and then at the age of 40 and it changes even more and then at the age of 60 it all comes together and you realize, “Wow! This is amazing, this picture got better!” Where’s that going to be for the children of the future? Why wipe out the moving image as an art form that means something in this society? I come from a time when it did mean something.”

” I’ve always been emotional. It’s genuine sentiment I hope. You know, it’s just a matter of growing older and seeing people around you being born and dying. And having a child at a late age is different from when my first two daughters were born when I was in my 20s and 30s; it’s a different perspective. It’s time to think of the end, like in my George Harrison picture. Being a Roman Catholic it’s always been time to think of the end for me. ”

” I was around the working classes, not people who read books. The conservative working class, they had gone through the Great Depression and World War II and then there was quite an economic boom. The cars were getting bigger and more importantly the fins on the car were getting bigger. On the Lower East Side the only guys who had big things were wise guys. I mean, in New York if you’re working class you don’t have a car. In the city you use the subway or you use the bus.”

” You felt it and you knew it. The nuns would tell us at school, any low-flying plane could be delivering that bomb. We’d all hear a low-flying plane and we’d all be terrified. I remember going to school every day, it was very cold usually, and they gave us dog tags in case of an air raid. You got to school and you were praying that there would be no air raid that day. I was very impressionable, what can I say? I had nothing else to do, that’s who I am. I’m standing there in 3rd grade and all of a sudden you’d hear her on the loudspeaker: “Attention please, take cover!” And you’d jump underneath the desk and then you found out it was just a test. It was pretty crazy. ”

― Martin Scorsese

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I am emotional and like Martin Scorsese films, interviews and everything 🙂

Good night friends! I remember seeing this Robert de Niro  say in a movie clip from Mean streets ( 1973)

” You know somethin’, Mikey. You make me laugh, you know that? I borrow money all over this neighbourhood left and right, from everybody, and I never paid ‘em back….I Borrow money from you because you’re the only jerk off around here that I could borrow money from without payin’ back, right? ‘Cause that’s what you are, That’s what I think of you, a jerk off.
– Johnny Boy (Robert de Niro) ”

Hope you have a lovely day 🙂

Love, Suresh


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