What one needs most is the passion to win..

9 May

“He was among the world’s top 10 shooters. I was nowhere in the top 50. Khalid’s coach was telling him to shoot a 100 per cent score… he was dead tired and ready to throw his gun at the coach saying he couldn’t. But the coach kept asking him to go back to the range and shoot because he knew that Khalid could.” ( on Khalid Al Mudhaf, a world-class shooter from Kuwait)

“I had never ever shot a 100 per cent score. I kept shooting 45-46 out of 50 that evening. Then the world championship came after five-six days. In my first round, I shot 50 out of 50; something which I had never done before even in training. I did it purely out of belief that I can.”

“At the end, what one needs most is the passion to win.Resources, knowledge – everything comes with it. I learnt it that way.”

Rajyavardhan Rathore, Union minister of state for information and broadcasting, Times of India Sports Awards

For more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/TOISA-What-one-needs-most-is-the-passion-to-win-says-Rajyavardhan-Rathore/articleshow/47208912.cms

Colonel Rajyavardhan Rathore is a Indian soldier, shooter and now a minister of state for Information and broadcasting in current Government of India. Colonel Rathore’s claim to fame was winning Silver medal in Men’s  Double Trap shooting at 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

The good sportsman is right. The most important thing is the passion to win. This is very true.The second most important quality then must be the desire to learn, observe and soak. Finally the all important quality for all may be the ability to work hard.

This can hold true for all walks of life. I was talking to young student as we were having lunch and he told me ” Iam giving  my scholarship money to parents. We are planning to build a new house in our village.” ” What about your student loan ” I asked ” That i’ll repay once get a job”. He has a quiet assured confidence and is dignified. He ofcourse studies at the best management institute in India. He will do very well. Like the other two students who are interning with us.

I have some understanding now and feel the beginner’s or any one who is stirving to make a better life has three arsenals – passion to win, ability to learn and soak and hard work.

I couldn’t get it right in student phase.( Hence perhaps love of students ) I have always tried to do that in my work life…

If you have a passion to win, ability to learn and work harder than any one then no can be poor…

Have a good day my friends! Colonel Rathore is a good role model for young people and hope he does as well in politics.

Love, Suresh


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