Focus focus..

8 May

Sometimes feel focus is the real problem in my country, let’s examine this..

– The superstar walks free and people talk about his good heart  & Philanthropy, what consequence is that? A crime is what makes a criminal and it must be judged as so. What else is a conviction? I will be surprised if the highcourt reverses the judgement.

–  The superstar’s philanthropy is well acknowledged and can continue its good deeds. Any case good deeds are its own rewards. They will always enrich soul and give peace. It’s a good way to live.

– The farmers comitt suicides and the politicians have not even made it a national discourse, its’s going on for years and educated clamour for economic reforms ? What is economic reform without sound agriculture?

–  High sounding articles are written about IPL games in newspapers ? Who is inspired ?  I never heard Ramu or Bomkesh say  that ? The man of match is written about as Napolean Bonaparte or General patton? I don’t know  is it same for NFL in US?

–   Teenage girls comitted suicide in a sports authoriy hostel in my native kerala. It should have shaken the conscience of a nation, but its secondary news compared to good looking hero. How can sports ever bloom in this country when there are such ghastly incidents. It was one of the most heart breaking news ever read.

–  Why should Bollywood and Cricket get so much attention and how do they empower any one?   There are so many worthy sports and so many creative outlets..

– Lastly this has nothing to with nation, why marry only chartered accountants ?  Are they only one..

Never mind, if we get our priorities right, we could be better and a rightful  great country in comity of nations, and humble me will have  peaceful lives. That is another post guess. I will stirve to get priorities right in the meantime..

Goodnight friends! Hope you have a lovely day!

Love, suresh


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